uCertify–“The fastest way to IT certification”

I’ve been using the 77-882 Microsoft Excel 2010 exam prep kit from uCertify, a company that provides training exams for IT certifications. uCertify has hundreds of exams covering areas like Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle-Sun, etc. This particular exam is the one to use if you’re trying to get a certification as a MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist on Excel 2010.

To start, I’ve to say that this package has a list price of USD 139.99 but is been sold now for USD 111.98. You can get it from here. After you purchase the kit, you have to install it on your computer. The program comes with a series of Practice Tests, from 15 questions to 40 questions. The questions are multiple choices or for you to pinpoint the location of menu options on a picture. You can set a test duration and a passing score for each test you take. There is also a Study Helper that helps you learn some features of Excel. At the bottom you will also find the Exam Objectives with a list of the topics covered by this exams.

Overall I found it very easy to use. The program as a very nice presentation with all things on the right place. At the end of the exams you can check the questions where you failed and an explanation of the right answer. This exams covers almost all aspects of Excel 2010 and the questions are well written. This is clearly worth the money that is costs and is, in my opinion, the best way to study and prepare yourself for a certification on this area.

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