Change font on all cell comments

This is a simple code that is very useful if you want to change the font size on all comments that you have on your Excel sheet.

Sub ChangeCommentsFont()
    Dim cmt As Comment
    For Each cmt In ActiveSheet.Comments
        With cmt.Shape.TextFrame.Characters.Font
            .Size = 11
        End With
    Next cmt
End Sub

You can change this code for setting a new font name, font color, etc.

3 comentários:

lyssa said...

It is very simple , i will try in my documents.

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VMS said...

In Excel 2010 it is easier than this! Highlight your comment, right click, select Format comment - and this will take you to all formatting options.....

Vicky Ram said...

Great post! This is very useful for me and gain more information, Thanks for sharing with us.

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