Multiply range of values by a value

One of the most common tasks that we need to do in Excel is multiply a range of value on a sheet by a specific value, say, multiply a range of values by 100. This can be done very easily by following this steps. Say you have this sheet:

altIn cell A5 you should put the value that you want to use to multiply the values on cells A1:D3. Now on cell A5 make a Ctrl+C (Copy) and select the cells A1:D3. Right-click on top of the range and select Paste Special, on Paste options select the Values and on Operation select Multiply. Click OK. Now your sheet should look like this:


If instead of multipying the values by 100, you Add, Substract or Divide the values by the value that you select on another cell (in this case I used the cell A5).

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