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Parcsyde said...

Excel 2010
Dealing with Worksheets

I am trying to find a way to calculate the total number of "worksheets" within a Excel file. I want the number to be placed into a cell on one of the worksheets. My Excel would be something with multiple worksheets, and 2-3 of them would not be someting I want as part of my count, so I believe if I can just find out the total I could than subtract 2 or 3 from it to get my total worksheets that I am interested in.
Do you know how I can do this? Via a function in a cell or by VBA?

Thank you for your time,
Doug from New York

jppinto said...

Try this custom function. Use in any cell like

=SheetCount() for all Sheets

=SheetCount(True) for Worksheets only

Function SheetCount(Optional Worksheets_only As Boolean) As Long

If Worksheets_only = True Then
SheetCount = Worksheets.Count
SheetCount = Sheets.Count
End If

End Function

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. jppinto,

Thank you for you helpful blog.

I would ask if have an acount on twitter to teel us about your new post or send it by email.

Thank you,

jppinto said...


Don't have a Twitter account.


João Pinto

Mani said...

Hi Blogger ,

I Want to Know that there is any Formula is There for Adding Auto Number after two blank Rows .
For Best Understanding i have given a link of image ..

Image Preview :-

As you have noted the numbers are on the url cells after two blank cells that i want the forumal to enter it auto..Thank You in Advance ..

jppinto said...

This could be done only with VBA code.

Harris_AA said...

Harris_AA said...

Your VB-code for combining sheets of workbook is much useful. (
, but How do I copy and paste the values in cells instead of present one which copy the formula too.
Plz reply.

Anonymous said...

Hi there I'm not sure how to create a new thread just yet.... If you can tell me how I would appreciate it.

Also, I have a problem. I have a list of text and I am using blood up to return a value. How do I get it to return all values that are larger than another value?

Anonymous said...

I mean vlookup not blood!

Anonymous said...

Hello jppinto,

I like most of what you wrote in this blog post: . But one of the formulas is, I think, incorrect.

It's =INDEX(C3:C13,SUMPRODUCT((B3:B13=C16)*(D3:D13=C18)*ROW(C3:C13)),0) in the example about "You would be looking for the Name “James Atkinson” where the Qty is 1...", which returns the right value, but would not be right if cell values change. It should instead be =INDEX(C1:C13,SUMPRODUCT((B3:B13=C16)*(D3:D13=C18)*ROW(C3:C13)),0) since the SUMPRODUCT(...) returns 4 and the index formula shows the value of C6, instead of C4.

Am I right in my reasoning and if so would you be able to change the post? (I can't find contact info for Emily Warn, the blog owner) The blog post shows up in the top of google results when looking for multiple criteria lookups.