About me

I live in Setúbal, Portugal. I work with Excel for more than 10 years. This tool is so powerful and complete that I'm still learning to work with it. Everyday I discover new fixtures and ways of doing things in Excel.
I'm an active member of the Experts Exchange Community forums. where I’ve more than 1,600 questions answered. I try to help others solve their problems in Excel and also in other tools, mainly Microsoft tools (Access, Outlook, Visual Basic .Net, Powerpoint).
I'm also a Microsoft Office Specialist. I'm a self-taught person but I'm also taking a degree in Information Systems Management.
I started writing this blog to share with others what I've learned over the years that I use Excel and with the experience in problem solving that I've got from my participation on Excel forums. Hope that you recognize the work I've done here.
Several articles published on other websites:
Microsoft Excel Blog:
Pplware (Tech page from SAPO Portuguese portal – articles in PT):
Programar Magazine (article in PT):
Several tips & tricks videos published on Microsoft knowledge sharing site:
120segundos.net (Videos in PT): http://120segundos.net/videos/pesquisa?q=excel

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